Rev. George and Gerry Stouffer

​George and Gerry Stouffer are part of an overseas church planting team that will result in thousands of capable men planting churches in places where Americans can only go with difficulty.  God is using the labors of thousands of missionaries through the past two hundred years to raise up national church planters by the thousands.  The huge responsibility now is to get them thoroughly trained so they will not compromise, be swept away into cults, or fall prey to well-intentioned, but erroneous, Bible doctrines.

As missionaries with IPM, the Stouffers serve alongside other good missionaries in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East, presently working in 30 countries and with 20 Bible colleges and institutes around the globe.  Nationals are facing urgent needs for additional schools in countries such as Nepal, Cuba, Lebanon, and Iraq.  Existing schools, under sound indigenous churches, need and want help to train pastors, church planters, missionaries, evangelists, and church workers, but are constantly facing staffing and funding concerns.

​For twenty years the Stouffers' great joy was to minister at Harrisburg School of the Bible in Harrisburg, PA, as well as assist in churches and in Christian schools.  Now they partner with Bible colleges affiliated with IPM to train those thousands of missionaries.